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Very, very occasionally one gets a commission like this. It was for 45 predominantly matte black pots in different shapes and sizes.  They were commissioned by the renowned US architect and designer Peter Marino for his major renovation of the CHANEL boutique in the historic La Mistralée Villa in St Tropez, France.  I have provided pots for Peter Marino many times over the last 25 years, but never on this scale. It was an exciting but challenging project.   So, if you’re in St Tropez, the boutique will open every year for the European summer season.

An article on how I make matching groups of my large pots was in the July / August edition of the UK ceramic magazine Ceramic Review, in the section entitled Potter's Secrets
Digby Hoets - Article Ceramic Review July/August 2023


To view a video of how I make one of these large pots:
Digby Hoets - The Art of the Craft - Making Groups of Large Matching Pots

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